Case Studies

Beautifully Designed Systems
Each client is has specific needs, but our unique platform allows for rapid, reliable and cost effective development giving you maximum flexibility for future enhancements, support and new requirements.

Complete System

International Organisation

  • Online Ordering System
  • Large CRM with auto leads generation
  • Custom Content Management
  • Multi-lingual system
  • Links to Sage / Credit Card
  • Article System pushing to Social Media
  • Complex User Access Control
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New Affinity has been working with this client for over 15 years helping and supporting them grow from a handful of people to an multinational group.

We have developed a database that allows them to run their business efficiently. It allows control via an intranet and public access via several websites.


  • CRM system with over 300,000 live contacts linked to leads generation to interest analysis
  • Sales Order system optionally linked to credit card online ordering system
  • Topic based article system that pushes to various news websites and social media
  • Exporting to Sage accountancy software
  • Product sheet, CMS, articles and other content held in multiple languages
  • Events system that links to the order system and has a content management system allowing flexible development of mini-website per event
  • Email design and management system linked to CRM
  • Many other functions including purchase ordering, user access control, staff management, website user management, product database, advertisement management, complex analysis and reporting

Bookings System


  • Online Reservation System
  • Custom CRM
  • Control over Vacations and Categories
  • Custom Content Management
  • Linked Android App
  • Links to Online Credit Cards / Mail Chimp
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New Affinity has been working with this client for 15 years linking their online website with a new intranet based system to control their business.

We have developed a database driven intranet that they use to run their business and manage their vacations and guests. The whole system is hosted by New Affinity.


  • Reservation management allowing bookings to be received online and paid for by credit card
  • Custom CRM
  • Android App allowing trip leaders to manage their trips
  • Equipment Management system
  • Complete control over vacations and categories
  • Customer area on website where they can edit their profile and view their bookings, etc.
  • Many other functions including reporting, staff management including certificate management, auto emails based on booking status and other complex criteria

Data Logging

Excel Replacement

  • Continuous Factory Data
  • Integration with Raspberry Pi Sensors
  • Complex Analysis and Reporting
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
New Affinity is an Approved Supplier for this multi-billion dollar global brand
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This multi-billion dollar global brand needed an reliable and cost effective solution to transitioning from excel spreadsheets for storing complex business critical data in one of their businesses.

New Affinity became an approved supplier and developed a database that allows complex reporting including high level overviews for management.


  • Easy data entry from the factory floor
  • Hardware sensor integration via Raspberry Pi
  • Business critical reporting and analysis
  • Advanced custom calengar allowing management of staff allocation to tasks
  • Management of machine spares
  • Many other functions including staff holidays, custom user level access giving external users securely limited access to data

Field Engineer

Android App

  • Control from Central Intranet
  • Completely Configurable App Process
  • Live Control and Data Visibility
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New Affinity designed and developed an android app connected to an intranet that allowed the client to design jobs processes for their field engineers.


  • Designed so head office could control and monitor the actions of field engineers
  • Head office control all via an intranet based on New Affinity's platform
  • Different jobs linked to different list of actions

Trading System

Complex European Trading

  • Custom CRM
  • Complex European Deliveries
  • Exports to Sage
  • Auto-updates clients via email
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This client had a complex trading system that was on an old platform that was no longer supported.

9 years ago, New Affinity reproduced and enhanced the functionality. We have continued to support and enhance the system as the client requires. The system allows the management of complex contracts/deliveries/invoices throughout Europe.


  • Custom CRM with categorised clients
  • Managing the full trading process from contracts to invoices
  • Handles the complexity of deliveries throughout Europe including repeats and partial deliveries
  • Full Product Database
  • Links to Sage accounting system
  • Auto emails clients on progress

Ordering System

Non-English Language

  • Small Start-up
  • Order/Invoices
  • Deliveries
  • Staff Timesheets
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New Affinity helped a small family start up develop a system to manage their business.


  • Non-English language system
  • Custom CRM
  • Orders/Deliveries/Invoices
  • Custom mobile friendly area for staff to enter their timesheets
  • Management Reporting