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New Affinity has the business understanding that means you can be confident that your internet or intranet systems will be designed and implemented professionally, using all our experience and passion for web development.

We strive to maintain a responsible, ethical and service-orientated ethos so our clients know they can have complete trust in us and our work.

" New Affinity has proved the perfect solution providing the skill, support, flexibility and value that we were unable to find anywhere else "

Raghu Das, MD/CEO, IDTechEx

Understanding You

We have a wealth of experience understanding clients from a vast range of organisations from SMEs to large corporates, in all industries and commercial sectors. This has give us the knowledge to help you tackle any problems you face in maintaining and growing your business.


Understanding Technology

Our experience in Microsoft Web Technologies (as a Microsoft Registered Partner) means you can be confident that we can produce a scalable robust solution. Our expertise and experience in this area gives us the ability to produce solutions for you in an efficient and cost effective way.

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