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Excel Hell

Spreadsheets are powerful, but it is very common for them to get out of control.

A custom designed database can manage those nightmare situations giving you better control and integrity of your data, and better reporting. You can always extract data from a custom database back into excel for specific reporting needs.

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Having different software for accounts, customer management, etc. is great but it can be difficult to link software together.

Our systems can expand so the need for different software to interact disappears. When there is a need to intergrate into other software we can synchronise data into third party systems.

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Secure In The Cloud

Data security and accessibility is an important concern for any business.

Having a custom designed database in the cloud solves the both security and accessibility problems with auto off-site back-ups and customised access rights giving exactly the right data access to the right people.

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About us

New Affinity has been developing custom business systems and databases for many years and incorporated in 2007. We have worked with the companies of many different sizes, from small companies, start-ups, to billion dollar global brands developing reliable cost-efficient business solutions.

Our systems work well in all vertical sectors and our clients come from a wide range of types of businesses. We use industry standard techologies making your site work well on all modern devices: PC, Macs, Linux, mobile phones, etc.

Our databases run many businesses primarily in the UK but also world wide. Developing our systems using internet based techology means we can develop public facing websites that can push and pull specific data securely from your internal business systems to and from your website as you require. For example, you might want sales orders to come in directly from the web into your internal processing system.

Customer Testimonials


New Affinity designed and created a bespoke CRM system and database driven website for IDTechEx. The system has driven new sales leads, provided new marketing feedback and drastically improved the visibility of the company the internet. For a small company with demanding database and website needs, New Affinity has proved the perfect solution providing the skill, support, flexibility and value that we were unable to find anywhere else.

Andy Mayo

New Affinity have developed a ground-up custom database for us that is continually honed to our needs. All of our customer-facing transactions are managed through this system along with many of our assets. New Affinity provide a service that effectively includes 24-hour support and a continual opportunity for dialogue and ongoing development. The solutions developed by New Affinity for our context work across platforms and include apps for smartphone. I cannot commend this company highly enough.

Operations Manager
Mars Horsecare

A reliable Performance Measurement System has historically been an issue for us - New Affinity approached this issue and through thorough analysis and understanding of our needs developed a tailored solution. Our staff at Mars Horsecare have now 24/7 online access via a password to New Affinity's server which we find very helpful and saves us time in checking the plant's performance and all the factors affecting the efficiency and realiability of our plant. The solution is highly regarded in broader Mars and it is likely to be benchmarked against other solutions in the business. The development and the support is very flexible and responds to all our needs. Moreover, together with New Affinity we developed the initial solution further and I have to say that Simon's understanding of a manufacturing system makes the communication smooth and the end result extraordinary.

Managing Director

New Affinity designed and built a bespoke intranet linking to a mobile phone app solution for a our client. The solution gave us the spring board to provide similar services to many more clients. New Affinity's innovative and collaborative approach allows them to design software that exactly fits the requirements. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.

Product Manager
Splash Power

I have worked with New Affinity on several projects. I have found the quality of work and the speed of delivery to be exceptional, making for some very satisfying software introductions. They were keen to work with us in improving our own specifications. They recommended excellent design changes based on their experience in this field which led to a far better product than we originally had in mind, and not necessarily at great extra expense. Highly recommended.

General Manager
Dragon Mobility Ltd

New Affinity was outsourced by our company to write a database supporting our operations. I was managing the project from our company's side. New Affinity quickly developed a data structure that reflected operations and production processes and an ergonomic user interface. They were quick to grasp our varied needs and responded with many imaginative suggestions. I have no reservations in recommending New Affinity highly.


At Qi3, we needed a database published online for our Sensors & Instrumentation Knowledge Transfer Network, and New Affinity delivered what we required to a high specification and within a very good time-frame. Any complex problems were tackled competently and New Affinity showed great initiative in developing the platform needed.

Director of Marketing
SRS Technology Ltd

I cannot recommend New Affinity highly enough. SRS Technology needed a new website to fully promote an increasing range of disability equipment. From briefing New Affinity to having the site operational was just 4 weeks - everything ran extremely smoothly and the website is already drawing a much larger response than previously as our ratings with the major search engines improved drastically on the first day of launch.

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One of the most important parts of your business is your data. We understand how important it is, not only to store, ensure it's integrity, but also to extract from it the relevant reports, so you can run your business efficiently.

We have decades of experience in the various stages of ensuring the system we design will work for you:

  • User Requirements. We will work together to define exactly what your requirements are.
  • Specification. Depending on the type of project a detailed specification might be required.
  • Systems Architecture. Once the requirements have been determined and agreed we need to design a systems architecture so the platform we develop the solution is right for your business.
  • Database Architecture. Designing the database architecture is the most important part of the design process. It ensures we get the right level of complexity of data to model your situation balanced with usability.
  • Software Development. We have a unique platform that allows rapid, efficient and robust development enabling us to generate a cost effective and secure solution.
  • Maintenance/Enhancements. Once you have your system installed and accepted it is likely you will want changes going forward. Most of our clients find the system so useful they want to extend it into other business solutions. Our systems grow with your business to continue to provide the solution you need.
  • Support. We always provide support for clients once the system is live. We have a custom written online database for changes and fixes that is integrated into your solution giving us the ability to respond efficiently.


The best solution is a fully integrated solution. Re-entering data into multiple systems is not only unneccesarily time consuming it produces errors and makes it difficult to reconcile different datasets for reporting.

Most modern systems can provide a way of systems importing and exporting data. We can integrate with these where it is required. The ideal solution is to have all your requirements under one system but there are obviously times that isn't always practicable.

We have developed integration in and from many systems: email systems, accounting packages, banking systems or simply importing and exporting data from spreadsheets and many others.

Our systems can span many different technologies depending on your requirements which requires an internal integration. We have integrated our intranets with websites, mobile phone solutions and other custom devices and sensors.

Secure in the Cloud

Hosting your system in the cloud gives many benefits. It gives the ability to access your data from anywhere.

Being in the cloud allows us to easily back up, to different levels of redundancy, easily and automatically. You can monitor these back ups as you require.

By default, the systems we write have a standard email/password log on. Each user has a defined set of access. Other security considerations can also be taken into account as required.

Our recommendation is to use Amazon Web Services. This has the ideal balance of cost, security, features and reliability that our clients demand. We can always work with you if you require another cloud or server solution.


With your business systems running on an intranet, it allows us to publish securely the data your require on your website. It also allows your intranet to be your Content Management System. Allowing you to simply control your website from your intranet.

The public facing websites we build are designed to be very SEO friendly and "responsive" so they are well designed on all screen sizes, from a large desktop to a mobile phone.

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